December Events and Xmas

Lukenya Tree Planting: 3rd & 4th December
MCK has received 25 tree seedlings and may get more, to plant in Lukenya at the campsite, Nemesis parking and Picnic tree.  We’ll plant them on 3rd and 4th December – come and join us!   Bring tools that you have for yourself and others – spade, jembe, panga or whatever you have, and at least 20L water.  A 1 metre rule will be useful and sticks for fencing the seedlings if you have anything at hand.  We will be at the campsite by 9am on Saturday, so find us there with all your energy to dig holes and plant trees!
Quiz Night: 7th December
MCK Member Andrew Gremley has generously offered to be our Quiz Master for our upcoming Quiz Night on Wednesday 7th December.
Venue: TBC [we are confirming & will advise soon!]
Time: 7pm with the aim of starting the quiz by 7.30pm
  • If you already have a team (Max 4 people) – one person can sign up for all
  • If you don’t have a team, you can sign up individually and participate solo / be placed in a team
We look forward to seeing you there!  Bring your thinking caps and an appetite for a fun night!
Christmas Hamper Donations

We are raising money to give out the below Christmas hampers for costing 3000/= each, to 7 people at Lukenya who are generally involved in helping members & visitors to Lukenya (namely Sebastian and the guards).  Total Goal = KES 21,000

We are requesting climbers who frequent Lukenya and wish to share a token of appreciation, to send through your donations to:
MCK paybill – 880926
ACC no – Xmas

The hamper will include:
6kg Maize meal
1lg sugar
2kg rice
2kg Green grams
1kg cooking fat
4kg home baking flour or 2kg uji
3pcs bar soap
400gms salt.

Any donations over and above what is needed will be counted toward Mt Kenya Trust.

Thank you!!!

2023 Membership
You can now renew your MCK membership from the beginning of Dec.  Please follow the below instructions:

1) Login to the website here: If you forgot your password, you can request a new one. If you don’t have an account on the website, you’ll need to create one
2) Go to this page and click on the membership option you want (ONCE please):
3) Transfer the required amount (4000 by MPESA for individual membership or 6,400 for family membership).
4) That’s it. Just wait for the approval of your renewal, it might take a couple of weeks.

New Lukenya guidebook online

You can now find all the info regarding climbing in Lukenya online on!

This project took lots of work by Fish, Ian and other MCK members. We’re currently working on Hells Gate.

We also need photos for the topos, so please send them our way. And let us know of any inaccuracies or routes missing.

Running on Mount Kenya: Old Moses-Lenana-Chogoria

In December 2017, Mickael Asser and I decided to run on Mount Kenya. One of our challenge was to find a good reference article or video online to guide our planning. We watched a couple of videos online but they lack details in terms of training requirements, what was the challenge and providing tips for others.

In order to prepare ourselves for the high altitude and steep run on Mount Kenya, we started training on other mountains every Saturday for four weeks. We run on Mt. Longonot, Mt. Suswa , Elephant Hill and Mt. Satima. On our last training on Mt. Satima, we completed the 12km run in 1 hour 50m. This was a good indication for us to set a date for the big run.

Looking at Batian on our way to Shipton Camp

On Feb 17, We arrived at Mt. Kenya National Park (Sirimon Gate) at 6:30am. Once done with registration, we drove up to Old Moses camp and started running up to Lenana. The highlight of our run up to Shipton was the expression on the Park’s staff, guides and hikers when they saw us running up to the summit. The common word was “You guys are crazy!”

We reached Shipton Camp, 4,200masl, in less than 3 hours covering 14kms.  After two minutes water break, we set off towards the summit in an easy pace. The most difficult part of Mt Kenya is the 3km between Shipton camp and Lenana, which is very steep with lose rocks and scree slopes. We summited Lenana in 4 hours and 48 minutes.

Mickael at Point Lenana

Tewodros going up to Point Lenana


Old Moses to Lenana

On our way down, we missed our trail and struggled to get back on the right track towards Shipton. After two hours into our decent, we found a trail that led us to a camping site situated at 3,900masl. The guides at the camp informed us that we are running towards Chogoria gate rather than Old Moses.  Exausted but determined to complete the run, we had to climb back to 4,400m and descend towards the gate. Despite the set back, we finished our run at Chogoria Roadhead camp site covering a total of 29.5kms in 8 hours 49 minutes.

Lessons Learnt

Mickael and Tewodros at Chogoria Roadhead Camp

Proper planning of the trail before hand and packing right for the challenge is critical. Missing our trail after the summit and looking for a way back took our energy. We also run out of water 7 hours into our decent due to our ultra light pack.

On the bright side, Chogoria route is the most scenic and breathtakingly beautiful. We enjoyed every bit of it and if we do it again, I think this will be the route we will take to the summit.

By Tewodros and Mickael.

The Kendal Mountain Festival is in Kenya – Friday 2nd February

Kendal Mountain Festival in Kenya

Sign up here!