Photo Gallery Updated

We've added some mountian biking photos to the gallery thanks to Alex T. We're always looking for more photos to add to the site. If you have some photos from  a recent trip that you'd like posted to the website please email the webmaster.


New membership policy

The year begins with a new membership policy that will apply to any applications and trips from Friday the 22nd of january, 2010. In line with our interest in encouraging people to literally "join the club" and not just join in on club trips, membership will only be granted to people whio have taken part in a minimum of two club trips and people will only be allowed to take part in a maximum of two club trips as a non member. At the same time we waive the daily membership fees for anybody taking part in these two trips before they choose to join or leave the club and welcome you to get involved and get out with the MCK. For those of you who have already made applications before that date this will not apply.

Remember, voting at the MCK AGM and joining the committee are rights for members only.


Mountain bike page updated.

We've added new information to the mountian bike page. It now lists the current rides and events in the Nairobi area.


Christmas Barbeque 

Following our recent break away from the MCK tradition of formal Xmas dinners, this year the MCK & Dive Club invite you to a Xmas barbeque lunch Kenyan style. The lunch will be an informal affair and will be at the Dive Club grounds by the pool. Plenty of scope for activities in the pool and plenty of ground for kids to be kids. Don't forget your swimming gear and appetite!
Where: Nairobi Sailing and Sub-Aqua Club (Dive Club)
When: 13th December 2008 - 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Cost: 1,000 per person (includes full meat or vegetarian bbq lunch)
There will be a cash bar.
Tickets available for sale on Tuesday night at the MCK and Wednesday night at the Dive Club. You can also confirm your attendance (latest by Wednesday 9th) by emailing the webmaster.
Tickets will not be available for sale at the door due to planning numbers for catering
Kindly state your preference for vegetarian or not when making your booking


The Open forum is working

The open forum is open to members and visitors alike. We're hoping it will be a valuable tool which will allow people to discuss equipment, climbing, hiking, traveling around East Africa; and to facilitate members and visitors getting together on events. Click on the open forum link on the right side of the page to enter the forum. Once there you can comment on an existing post or or create a new one. This forum will only be valuble if it's used so please participate.


Welcome to the new MCK website. 

There will be a short transition time while the old content is transfered to this new site and updated. Please bear with us.

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