Top tips for organising MCK trips

Whether you just want to get out of Nairobi for a couple of days hiking and climbing or whether you
plan a longer trek to explore Kenya’s peaks which are further a field, here are some handy tips to
help ensure that your trip goes smoothly.
Prepare a brief description of The Trip: the Destination, Route, Severity and Duration.
If you are not sure where to go or how long it might take to get there? The Club has a list and
description of previous MCK trips. These can be found in the filling cabinet.
2. Timing
If you have planned the trip in advance you can advertise the trip in the newsletter and put it on the
club calendar. Alternatively, if you have a last minute urge to go somewhere that same week, simply
mention it at the MCK club house on the Tuesday night and see who is interested to join you.
3. Briefing
The group briefing should take place the Tuesday night before the trip.
  • Destination, Route, Severity and Duration
  • Accommodation, food and water requirements
  • Transport: Agree on the maximum and minimum number of cars or people for the trip and
  • allocate lifts. Agree meeting point, and time.
If the trip is to a restricted area or requires guides or guards, the appropriate authorities should be
contacted before leaving Nairobi.
4. On the Trip
During the trip the group organiser is responsible for:
  • keeping the group informed; departure times, route, rest stops, destination etc.
  • meeting the appropriate local authorities to agree the rates for camping and organising
  • guides or guards.
  • collecting daily fees for non-members
  • arranging a short write up for the news letter on the success of the trip and the memorable moments
Remember, organisers can share these responsibilities with other group members on the trip !
If you have never lead a meet before, and would like a hand getting organised please do not
hesitate to contact , or any of the Committee members.

18th - 21st June 2011 - Mount Meru

Climbing Mount Meru is a 4 day trek, and it is proposed that the trek would take place between Saturday 18th June – Tuesday 21st June 2011 – enabling people to drive to Mount Meru (c4-5 hours from Nairobi) on the Friday 17th afternoon, and to drive back to Nairobi on the Tuesday afternoon. 
Proposed Itinerary
Day 1 (Saturday) trekking from Momella Gate (1,500m) to Miriakamba (2,500m) – via the Southern route - about a 5 hour trek through forest.
Day 2 (Sunday) trekking from Miriakamba (2,500m) to the Saddle (3,750m) – about 4 hours – with the possibility of additional side treks once we have arrived at the Saddle.
Day 3 (Monday) summiting in the early morning (4,566m) before descending again to Mirikamba (2,500m) – between 5-8 hours. 
Day 4 (Tuesday) is a short day descending from Miriakamba to Momella Gate via the Northern route – about 3-4 hours, which with an early rise should mean we are back at Momella Gate for an early lunch.  There is then the option to look around the reserve for a couple of hours (as park fees would already have been paid – although transport around the park would incur additional slight cost) before heading back to Nairobi in the afternoon.
 Per discussion with the rangers, the following is an estimated total cost per person of the trip – from Nairobi, inclusive of transport, 1 nights stay just outside the park, food, park, ranger, cook and porter fees and accommodation within the park.  Full cost for the 4 days is $264 for East African Citizens or $476 for all others.  There is likely to be a small amount payable for transport between the starting point within the park and the lodge where we will stay on the Friday night (and where we will leave cars).
Kindly let Christopher know before 10th May if you are interested in climbing.
Itenerary and Costs. Contact Christopher Kelly,

11th - 12th June : Annual Dinner


29th May : Panga party

Are you ready for a party? A Panga Party, that is. This is a call to members to come out to Lukenya and help out with clearing some bushes around few of the climbing crags.
Date: 29th May
Time: 9.00am
Meeting Place: Art Cafe Westgate Mall
You are requested to bring (in addition to your climbing gear, lunch, drink etc) pangas, shears, loppers, saws etc to facilitate clearing. It is hoped that we would be done with in the morning hours and therefore get in some climbing in the afternoon.
Contact Tobin Jones

7th May : Maxidash

Maxi-Dash is an annual event for the rock climbers of the Club and for ‘climbing guests’ who would wish to participate. The idea is to gather as many points as possible by climbing set climbs at five (5) different crags around Nairobi. These are Lukenya, Embaribal, Frog, Ndeiya & Hell’s Gate Nat’l Park (OK, Hell’s Gate is not quite near Nairobi)! Although the action during the daylight hours is focused on the climbers, the weekend is also a Club ‘meet’ for camping at Hell’s Gate. At the end of the climbing on Saturday evening, we gather at a campground in the Park. All MCK members and guests are invited to bring drinks and food and convene round the fire to recount tales of the day.Camping - The camping will be at the Ol Dubai campsite at Hells Gate.

Frog - Last weekend some climbers had a run in with a Maasai at Frog who demanded payment for climbing and then got very agitated when his demands were refused. We had thought these problems had been resolved with the local chief, but apparently there are still issues. The border between the Maasai and Kenyan Army land is somewhere around route 50. The routes (numbered 1 - 50) south of this are on Maasai land which may or may not belong to people who demand payment for climbing there. The routes (numbered 50 - 100) north of this point are on Kenyan Army land and we have never had any probems on these routes. Anyone climbing on the routes numbered 0 - 50 should be aware of the possibility that someone will show up and demand payment.

Prizes - We have sourced a few quickdraws and locking carabiners from South Africa for the winning team.


30th April - 2nd May : Kakamega forest with Jeff

Plan is:
  • To leave Saturday 30th April and come back Monday 2nd May evening. Meet at ABC on Waiyaki Way for a 7.30 am start.
  • Drive to Kakamega is 415 kms and may take up to 7 hours
  • Accommodation will be camping. You will need your own gear. KWS do have bandas available (last we spoke to them). If you would like bandas, please call KWS (0726 610 533) and book and pay for the Isikuti bandas. Cost per 2 bed banda is KShs 2,000 (i.e 1000 per bed)
  • The forest has good nature trails for walking and cycling is also an option. (A day is enough to walk/cycle round the forest)
  • Bring your bikes along if you want to ride (not sure if bikes are available)
  • Anyone requiring a car space, please email….anyone with a car and have extra space, please let Jeff know.

2nd April : Climbing at Lukenya with Jeff

Jeff will be heading out to Lukenya on Saturday 2nd April. Meeting place is Nakumatt Juntion at 8.00am. If you are interested send Jeff an email