Upcoming Meets

Plan your dates for these meets.
September 18th - Olmuntus, Hiking (Day Trip). Contact Nikunj Shah
October 14th -16th - Satima from the North. Contact Jeff Mariner
October 20th long weekend - Ndoto Mountains. Contact Napolean Iberi
November - Kilimanjaro. Contact Kamal Shah
November - Member Gear Auction
December 24th - 31st - Northern Kenya perhaps Kulal or Horr Valley. Contact Archard Khan
December - Christmas Party
Like to go anywhere else? Let us know. meets@mck.or.ke

18th September : Olmuntus


This Sunday Nikunj will be leading a short hiking trip to Olmuntus. It's a small hill at Sultan Hamud, 110Kms South of Nairobi.
The plan is to meet at Capital Hill Centre parking lot along Mombasa Road at 7.00am. The drive should take an hour and half. The hike itself may take 3 -4 hours depending how far we all want to go.
It may be hot so take at least 2 - 3 litres of water,lunch money (Small change) to pay for the guide. The ground is quite stony so sturdy walking/hiking shoes recommended. There is a small forest at the top where we could break for lunch. Carry a jacket as it could get cold in the forest.
I need to know whether you have a car and are willing to offer rides (fuel can be shared per car load).
Kindly email your interest shah.mtkenya@gmail.com 



Beginner’s Climb and Anchor Building Class at Lukenya

There are three climbing related learning opportunities this week at MCK.

Introduction to Gear, Knots and Equalization Systems Used in Building Anchors and Climbing – Tuesday Night 8:30 PM at the Club House 

This session will introduce the different types of protection gear, some basic knots and approaches to equalizing a two and three point anchor system. Everyone will get a chance to master the knots and to join three placements to form an anchor. This is in preparation for the beginners climb and anchor building course on the weekend at Lukenya. Attendance on Tuesday night is not required but should help those who come to get more out of the weekend. Contact person:j.mariner@cgiar.org 

Beginner’s Climb (Sept 10) and Anchor Building Class at Lukenya (Sept 11) with Camping at the Summit Camp Site on the Saturday Night (10th).

The beginners climb is open to all and will start from 10AM. Meeting at the South Picnic Tree. Top ropes will be set for climbing. How to set top ropes from a tree or boulder will be demonstrated for those interested. Last beginners climb, we had 34 people with 7 ropes up. By the end of the day, people were talking Boiler Plate!

The anchor building course on Sunday from 10 AM and will be open to all who have at least attended a beginners climb as well as experienced climbers. The course will be led by Casper Merkle. The course will cover anchor building from gear placements (nuts, cams, etc) as well as other natural protection and equalization of placements in an anchor system. Actual anchors will be built and then used for climbing. We will not attempt to cover lead climbing or other subjects. Our intention is to make the course useful for both novices and experienced climbers who want to improve their anchor building. We are asking people to confirm their interest in the course and answer some questions about their experience. We will use this information to plan groups by experience level for the course.

Please send an E-mail to Casper (casper.merkle@gmail.com) and Jeff (j.mariner@cgiar.org) indicating : 

  • If you wish to attend the beginners climb on Sat
  • If you wish to camp
  • If you wish to attend the anchors course 

Experience Questions for those coming to the anchor building course 

  • Are you experienced with placing gear (nuts, cams, etc.)
  • Have you ever built an anchor or placed a top rope?
  • How much climbing have you done and what type?

If you come for the day, you’ll need 2 liters water, lunch, a hat, sun screen. Feel free to plan the full scale picnic.

If you plan to camp, its car camping and you’ll need to arrange all your own camping gear and food. Always a good plan to team up with others to form cooking groups.

The club will provide climbing gear as needed. Shoes, harnesses and helmets will be available a Lukenya. The fee for gear is 300 KSH. Non-members are very welcome, but there is a daily membership fee of 400 Ksh or you can fill out an application and pay to join the club. As half the year is over, its only half a year’s subscription fee! 

For those climbers who would like to help out with the beginners climb or the anchors course, we look forward to hearing from you as well! 


Jeff and Casper


Saturday 3rd September : Climbing Cave Party from 9 AM

The climbing cave is nearly finished. We are ordering more mats and making a few improvements. Many have noted that the new climbing cave walls have a slippery finish and that the holds have a tendency to spin. We thought to refinish the plywood with a textured paint containing sand. We are having a work party on Saturday to remove the holds, prepare the surface and test some paint options. If you enjoy climbing on walls, come down and give a hand. When the cave is complete, it will be a nice activity for meeting nights and weekends.

Contact: j.mariner@cgiar.org


Suppernight 30th August 2011 : "Grossglockner" by Arshad Khan

Grossglockner, at around 3,800m, is the highest mountain in Austria and climbing it involves alpine style techniques with ropes, crampons, etc. Der Johann is one of the most spectacular and technically difficult “klettersteig” in Austria, as it goes up a 900m cliff on the side of the 3000m high  Mount Dachstein. Join Arshad as he describes the joys of climbing in Austria.
Don’t worry about hustling and bustling for cooking and preparing or quickly eating before joining the traffic on the way to the clubhouse!!! The outside caterer who provided us with finger licking-good food last supper night will be back at it, hoping that at least 30 hungry people turn up!
So come hungry, without remorse of not having prepared anything, and excited. He will offer you a choice of:
Mixed Salad
Garlic Bread
Mash Potato
Grilled Veg (Aubergine, Courgette & Carrots)
Assorted Pasta with a choice of:
                Veg Arabiatta
                White wine mushroom sauce (veg)
                Chicken in white wine mushroom sauce
at the bargain price of K.Shs 500/-  (650/- for non-members)

27, 28 & 29 August, 2011 : Silali with Jan

Silali is a ‘sleeping’ volcano near Kapedo, about 70 km North of Lake Baringo. It lies South of the Suguta valley, the part of the Rift Valley which stretches North up to lake Turkana.

More info

Final details to be discussed on Tuesday 23 August at MCK - Dive Club or contact Jan, J.NAESSENS@cgiar.org


14th August : Beginner's climb

The Beginner’s Climb is intended as a first introduction to rock climbing, but is generally a fun day for all. Climbers of all levels and those just wanting to try the sport are encouraged to come out and enjoy a day at Lukenya. Members of the club put up top ropes at Lukenya and provide coaching for new comers. Everyone gets a chance to do several easy climbs. No prior knowledge or experience is needed. Simple rope skills such as how to tie in and how to belay are taught and practised. The club provides all equipment that is required including climbing shoes in most sizes, harnesses, etc. Everyone does need to bring two liters of drinking water, a hat, sun screen and lunch as required for a day in the bush. The Beginner’s climb will start at 9 AM at the South picnic tree.

On the Tuesday night August 9th, there will be a short introduction climbing given at the club which describes the different types of climbing (top rope, leading, etc.), the basic types of equipment and a few basic concepts on how things work. This is optional, but useful start.

Lukenya is located along the Mombasa Rd on the left as you head towards Mombasa. It is between the turn to Athi River and the turn to Machakos. It is a hill with a number of rock faces just to the side of the road. It is 36.6 from the Nyayo roundabout to the left hand turn to Lukenya.


Use the access road labeled ‘new access track’ on the map. This means you must pass through the Lukenya Academy gate. There should be an askari and people around to direct you to the MCK climbing area.

There is a 300 Ksh charge for gear for those requiring shoes /harness, etc. and an additional daily membership charge of 400 Ksh for non-members.

Questions and confirmations to Jeff at j.mariner@cgiar.org