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1st and 2nd October : Beginners’ climb at Lukenya

For those eager to put into practice the knowledge we acquired during the anchor building course two weeks back, one more outing to Lukenya is being organized for beginners! We’ll be there on both Saturday and Sunday, so feel free to join either day or both. Please do however let us know in advance in order to make sure there’ll be enough experienced climbers to lend a hand.

We meet at 10am by the South Picnic Tree. See you there!

Contact us if you’re planning on showing up:

Federico, federicohinrichs@gmail.com, 0713 661 225

Fish, climbingfish@gmail.com, 07313ROPES(76737)


Climbing gear: the club will provide climbing gear as needed. Shoes, harnesses and helmets will be available at Lukenya. The fee for gear is 300 KSH. Non-members are very welcome, but there is a daily membership fee of 400 Ksh or you can fill out an application and pay to join the club. As half the year is over, it’s only half a year’s subscription fee!

Transportation: please let the group know if you either need a ride or can provide one.

Directions: For those that don’t know the place, Lukenya is located along the Mombasa Rd on the left as you head towards Mombasa. It is between the turn to Athi River and the turn to Machakos. It is a hill with a number of rock faces just to the side of the road. It is 36.6 from the Nyayo roundabout to the left hand turn to Lukenya School.

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